Tunity Analytics utilizes unique data to offer insights on Out-of-Home viewership for all supported networks by venue on a near real time and minute by minute basis. Television advertising buyers and sellers can now understand where OOH viewership is coming from, by whom, and the relative strength of individual programs, genres, and networks in a way that has not previously been available.

Why is OOH Data Different?

Channel availability

In an in-home environment, there may be hundreds of channels available. In an OOH environment, the channels that are available to be viewed are limited and curated by the venue. In-home, we may know what is airing on a particular set of channels but it is limited. In an OOH multi-channel environment we can see what is on every option at all times.

OTT may lead to more OOH

With OTT viewing leading to more cord-cutting, this also results in more OOH viewing: for events that cannot be seen at home, OOH locations become a viable option.

Presence or absence of sound

More than half of the OOH viewing that occurs is with muted TV. Often in a location, there are multiple TVs showing a variety of different channels and, at most, one of these will have sound.

Changing channels with a nod of your head

In-home, we are able to physically change channels. However, in a multi-screen OOH environment, we change channels by moving our heads and shifting our focus and attention whichis significantly more dynamic.

Big events rule the roots

Major events are group-viewing opportunities and OOH lift for these programs is substantially greater than for standard TV programming.

Availability to view

Viewing will differ based upon when people go to a venue. Gyms will be different from bars and restaurants which will differ from offices. The times at which an individual will be at one of these locations will be substantially different from times at which they are available in-home.

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While the space is still nascent, early returns from out-of-home-viewing metrics show that the impact on ratings could be significant.

Tunity, a promising new audience data company that matches out-of-home audio tuning on a mobile phone to linear TV screens, has made a surprising discovery about Stormy Daniels' appearance on CBS...

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