Introducing Tunity Insights

I am excited to write the inaugural post for the Tunity Analytics blog we are launching today. Not long ago, my co-founder Adi Gabber and I set off on a quest to change the way people consume television out-of-home. This led us to create Tunity, a mobile app solution that anyone can use, for free, to hear any muted TV.

The app caught like wildfire, and usage grew completely organically, as more and more people wanted the superpower of hearing TV’s with no sound. A few short months ago, we were able to take the data we have on out-of-home viewing and package them into a unique solution we call Tunity Analytics that offers hitherto unavailable insights.

Today, I am proud to launch the Tunity Analytics blog, which we have appropriately named Tunity Insights, where we plan to provide everyone with access to the amazing insights that Tunity Analytics’ offers. We’re thrilled about all of the exciting things to come, and look forward to changing the world of TV consumption and OOH viewing together.

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Yaniv Davidson, CEO, Founder
Yaniv Davidson
Yaniv Davidson is an engineer by training, and began his career at Intel. Yaniv was brought on by the investors of U-thanks, a start-up in the mobile space as the CTO and co-founder, which he helped lead to an acquisition by Verint (NASDAQ: VRNT). After getting an MBA from Kellogg, he worked as a consultant at BCG focused on consumer and digital strategy. Directly prior to founding Tunity, Yaniv was the VP Business Development at mySupermarket, a WPP-backed company.