NFL, College Football Update

Football, mainly the NFL, continues to be OOH viewers’ favorite type of programming to watch as NFL programs swept the Top Ten for the week of September, 23rd and NFL and NCAAF programs swept the Top Ten for the week of September 30th. This past weekend, the NFL did something it rarely ever does; the NFL scheduled ten 1 PM games and only two 4 PM games, making the Packers-Cowboys game a nationally televised game. As a result, the game averaged 5.38MM OOH viewers and peaked at 5:20 PM with 6.16MM OOH viewers. See below for a graph displaying the minute by minute audience by network for Sunday, October 6th’s NFL games.



Overall, college football has done well so far this season. Two games in particular last weekend fared especially well – Auburn-Florida and Michigan State-Ohio St. Auburn-Florida aired on CBS at 3:30 PM as it averaged 2.14MM OOH viewers and peaked at 5:11 PM with 2.75MM OOH viewers, making it the fifth most-watched college football game of the season. Michigan State-Ohio St aired on ABC at 7:30 PM as it averaged 1.60MM OOH viewers and peaked at 8:07 PM with 2.21MM OOH viewers, making it the seventh most-watched college football game of the season. See below for the top ten most-watched college football games of the season.


Game Date Time Network 000s Week
1 Miami vs. Florida 8/24/19 7:00 PM ESPN 3696 0
2 LSU vs Texas 9/7/19 7:30 PM ABC 3038 2
3 Notre Dame vs. Georgia 9/21/19 8:00 PM CBS 2949 4
4 Texas A&M vs. Clemson 9/7/19 3:30 PM ABC 2520 2
5 Auburn vs. Florida 10/5/19 3:30 PM CBS 2142 6
6 Auburn vs. Oregon 8/31/19 7:30 PM ABC 1707 1
7 Michigan State vs. Ohio State 10/5/19 7:30 PM ABC 1598 6
8 Tennessee vs. Florida 9/21/19 12:00 PM ESPN 1563 4
9 Duke vs. Alabama 8/31/19 3:30 PM ABC 1453 1
10 Michigan vs. Wisconsin 9/21/19 12:00 PM FOX 1448 4



Paul Lindstrom, Head of Research & Analytics
Paul Lindstrom
Paul Lindstrom is the Head of Research and Analytics at Tunity, an out-of-home (OOH) data measurement company and consumer application which allows users to hear live audio from muted televisions directly through their mobile devices. In his role, Paul supports the creation of various data products, including Tunity's new analytics product, and helps set strategic vision and direction. Prior to Tunity, Paul spent over four decades at Nielsen, where he was responsible for designing and deploying innovative tools, systems, studies, and measurements for new media outlets. He also directed sales, operations, and strategy for Nielsen Strategic Media Research and Nielsen On Location. Paul is an innovation, research, and strategy executive with a successful track record in pioneering business development, product leadership, and research design. His combination of experience with media and custom research, location, and OOH measurements at Nielsen have allowed him to develop a new metric to capture OOH viewing insights based on Tunity’s traffic, tuning, and attention data.