OOH Champions: International Soccer Final Trumps In-Home

The 2019 Champions League Final between Liverpool and Tottenham brought the stateside soccer fans to bars and restaurants by the millions to watch the action. Some events simply lend themselves to OOH viewership, and this match was a great example. Fans have traditionally held viewing parties for these matches at bars and this year’s final saw a dramatic increase in OOH viewing, surpassing in-home viewership of the game, which aired on TNT and Univision Deportes. The Saturday afternoon match that saw Liverpool winning the championship 2-0 had an OOH audience of 4,496,000. This placed the Champions League Final in the number three spot on the Tunity Analytics Sports Top Ten ranker, behind two NBA Finals games and ahead of the Stanley Cup Finals games.

As further proof of the increased popularity of international soccer competition in America, the OOH viewing audience for the match rivaled 2018 World Cup Audiences. Last year’s World Cup final between France and Croatia delivered 4,604,000 OOH viewers according to Tunity Analytics. Stay tuned for OOH numbers from Tunity Analytics for the 2019 FIFA Woman’s World Cup which kicked off late last week.


Paul Lindstrom, Head of Research & Analytics
Paul Lindstrom
Paul Lindstrom is the Head of Research and Analytics at Tunity, an out-of-home (OOH) data measurement company and consumer application which allows users to hear live audio from muted televisions directly through their mobile devices. In his role, Paul supports the creation of various data products, including Tunity's new analytics product, and helps set strategic vision and direction. Prior to Tunity, Paul spent over four decades at Nielsen, where he was responsible for designing and deploying innovative tools, systems, studies, and measurements for new media outlets. He also directed sales, operations, and strategy for Nielsen Strategic Media Research and Nielsen On Location. Paul is an innovation, research, and strategy executive with a successful track record in pioneering business development, product leadership, and research design. His combination of experience with media and custom research, location, and OOH measurements at Nielsen have allowed him to develop a new metric to capture OOH viewing insights based on Tunity’s traffic, tuning, and attention data.