Our OOH Data Solution

There is increasing need in the marketplace for accountability and greater efficiency. This requires insight on and understanding of consumer usage for all pieces of the video spectrum. This is particularly true as viewers cobble together their own sources of video with which to view. Not all consumers will choose to have access to all channels at home. There are substantial amounts of viewing to linear channels in OOH venues. To date, current efforts to measure this OOH usage using audio miss more than 60% of the OOH viewing which occurs on muted screens or in locations with substantial ambient noise.

In addition, where tuning can be picked up, what you watch and what you are hear will be two different things. In-home, following the sound may be a reasonable approach, but in a curated environment where the channels selected are not picked by you and neither is the channel that will have sound (if there is one), the relationship is more tenuous. At best, in environments with 2 or more screens, you will be right if following the sound less than half the time. Fortunately, Tunity has a solution that combines traffic, viewing, and attention that answers the missing pieces about audiences and audience lift in true OOH locations.

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Tunity’s Data

Tunity supplies near real-time demographic audience estimates by network and by venue. Data reflects minute by minute audiences which are combined to report by daypart and program. Tunity is the only source of on-going data 24 hours a day 365 days a year for all major competitive networks. Past 15 months of data is available beginning with January 2017.

Tunity’s Audience Measurement

Tunity users utilize the camera on their mobile devices to scan the video on a muted linear screen in an OOH location to receive an audio stream for that channel. The data generated by these users is modeled into an estimate of OOH usage for all muted screens. Tunity’s solution is a sensitive measurement that demonstrates the dynamics of attention in a multi-screen environment. Tunity is the only service using video to scan and identify tuning for audience reporting purposes. Video is far superior to audio for measuring true OOH audiences in a multi-screen environment.