The World Cup Scores Big With Out-of-Home TV Viewers

The excitement and action of the 2018 FIFA World Cup included millions of Out-of-Home viewership.  The tournament, which occurs every four years, leads to a unique and thriving OOH tuning experience. The largest OOH audience tuned into the Brazil vs. Belgium match-up on FOX Sports with 4.9 million viewers.  Meanwhile, the largest total OOH viewing audience across both English and Spanish language networks was the Semifinal stage with 5.7 million combined viewers. Throughout the tournament there were morning and afternoon matches which contributed to atypically high OOH viewing in restaurants, bars and offices.  Soccer fans headed to restaurants and bars to watch the final with 42% of OOH viewing coming from those locations.  For the thrilling England vs. Colombia match 36% of viewing occurred at restaurants and bars while 27% viewed in their work office.  Over 60% of the OOH audience for the Final were under the age of 50 with forty one percent of viewers in the 35-49 age range.  Overall OOH viewing for the Final between France and Croatia contributed to a 41% lift in audience for FOX*.


FOX Impressions (000)
France vs. Belgium – 7/10 4,942,000
Portugal vs. Spain – 6/15 4,730,000
France vs. Croatia – 7/15 4,604,000


FOX Sports, Telemundo and NBC Sports networks all brought in significant OOH viewing as well.

Some highlights:


Highest OOH viewing for FOX Sports:

Brazil vs. Belgium – 7/6 4,990,000


Highest OOH viewing for Telemundo / NBC Sports:

England vs. Croatia – 7/11 1,178,000


When analyzing the tournament by stages, Tunity Analytics sees the Semifinals as having the highest average minute out-of-home audience per game across all networks breaking 5 million views.  Tunity saw the Final game alone, France vs. Croatia, bringing in just close to 5 million in combined network OOH viewing.


Group Stage (6/14-6/28): Impressions (000)

FOX 1,695,000
Telemundo 293,000
FOX Sports 982,000
Total 1,618,000


Round of 16 (6/30-7/3):

FOX 2,471,000
Telemundo 446,000
FOX Sports 1,095,000
Total 2,745,000


Quarterfinals (7/6 & 7/7):

FOX 2,145,000
Telemundo 407,000
FOX Sports 3,485,000
Total 3,218,000


Semifinals (7/10 & 7/11):

FOX 4,626,000
Telemundo / NBC Sports 1,041,000
Total 5,265,000


Final (7/15):

FOX 4,604,000
Telemundo 390,000
Total 4,980,000


OOH Network Lift (Final: France vs. Croatia):

FOX: 41%


*Tunity Analytics data derived from Tunity mobile app; OOH viewing impressions based off of Tunity’s proprietary estimation model; OOH Lift estimate: Tunity Analytics OOH (000) / Nielsen In-Home estimates reported in MediaPost.  Telemundo & NBC Sports combined number when matches were simulcast.


Brian McLoughlin, VP Sales – Agencies & Advertisers
Brian McLoughlin
Brian McLoughlin is the Vice President of Sales for Agencies and Advertisers for Tunity. In his role, Brian is responsible for sales and client management of agencies and advertisers. He has worked in media research and sales for over 21 years, 18 of which were at Nielsen. Brian worked with national broadcast networks for 13 years and 6 years with national audio networks as a senior account director, responsible for sales. Brian most recently helped create podcast metrics and brand lift solutions for Nielsen.