XFL Intrigues OOH Viewers

The new-look XFL has made a comeback and OOH viewers have been intrigued. The eight-team league airs two games every Saturday and Sunday across ABC, ESPN, and FOX networks for the duration of its 10-week season, and so far so good. Four of the top five most-watched games among OOH viewers were Week 1 games, but that was to be expected. Although OOH audiences have dipped since, they are still holding strong as they are comparable to EPL soccer games, midday Saturday college basketball games and even non-Laker NBA games. The twelve XFL games through Week 3 have averaged an OOH audience of 320k per game. Below are the OOH audiences for every XFL game through Week 3:


Rank Game Week Date Time Network 000s Avg 000s Peak Peak Time
1 DC Defenders vs Seattle Dragons 1 2/8/20 2:00 PM ABC 659,410 759,525 2:49 PM
2 Tampa Bay Vipers vs New York Guardians 1 2/9/20 2:00 PM FOX 637,290 913,380 3:02 PM
3 St Louis BattleHawks vs Dallas Renegades 1 2/9/20 5:00 PM ESPN 495,140 656,760 6:21 PM
4 Dallas Renegades vs Los Angeles Wildcats 2 2/16/20 3:00 PM ABC 331,390 441,285 5:51 PM
5 Los Angeles Wildcats vs Houston Roughnecks 1 2/8/20 5:00 PM FOX 324,620 379,665 6:26 PM
6 Tampa Bay Vipers vs Seattle Dragons 2 2/15/20 5:00 PM FOX 321,980 431,145 6:09 PM
7 New York Guardians vs St Louis BattleHawks 3 2/23/20 3:00 PM ESPN 317,470 431,150 4:05 PM
8 New York Guardians vs DC Defenders 2 2/15/20 2:00 PM ABC 256,540 390,000 2:36 PM
9 Houston Roughnecks vs Tampa Bay Vipers 3 2/22/20 2:00 PM ABC 222,310 277,095 4:08 PM
10 Dallas Renegades vs Seattle Dragons 3 2/22/20 5:00 PM FOX 192,780 287,430 6:18 PM
11 St Louis BattleHawks vs Houston Roughnecks 2 2/16/20 6:00 PM FS1 63,970 123,240 6:12 PM
12 DC Defenders vs Los Angeles Wildcats 3 2/23/20 6:00 PM FS1 11,860 41,145 7:50 PM


Paul Lindstrom, Head of Research & Analytics
Paul Lindstrom
Paul Lindstrom is the Head of Research and Analytics at Tunity, an out-of-home (OOH) data measurement company and consumer application which allows users to hear live audio from muted televisions directly through their mobile devices. In his role, Paul supports the creation of various data products, including Tunity's new analytics product, and helps set strategic vision and direction. Prior to Tunity, Paul spent over four decades at Nielsen, where he was responsible for designing and deploying innovative tools, systems, studies, and measurements for new media outlets. He also directed sales, operations, and strategy for Nielsen Strategic Media Research and Nielsen On Location. Paul is an innovation, research, and strategy executive with a successful track record in pioneering business development, product leadership, and research design. His combination of experience with media and custom research, location, and OOH measurements at Nielsen have allowed him to develop a new metric to capture OOH viewing insights based on Tunity’s traffic, tuning, and attention data.